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Discover the cradle of America's Space Program
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Museum Director Featured on Science Channel
NASA’s Unexplained Files Airing This Spring (Alamogordo, New Mexico) - New Mexico Museum of Space History Executive Director Chris Orwoll is featured in eight episodes of NASA’s Unexplained Files airing now through May on the Science Channel. Orwoll’s extensive background in space history, and his previous work with WAG TV, the producers of the show, led to him being chosen to. . .
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Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors Chosen by NASA
Local Educators Michael Shinabery & Jeffrey Killebrew Picked to Fly (Alamogordo, New Mexico) - Michael Shinabery, Education Specialist at the New Mexico Museum of Space History, is one of two local educators to be chosen by NASA to become an Airborne Astronomy Ambassador. Jeffrey Killebrew, a science teacher at the New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, was also. . .
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Launch Pad Lecture: Tripping the Light Fantastic
Fiftieth Anniversary of The First Space Walk Free Launch Pad Lecture Friday March 6 (Alamogordo, New Mexico) - It happened 50 years ago in 1965, but who did it? Was it an American astronaut or a Soviet cosmonaut who performed the first spacewalk? And how close did that explorer come to not making it back inside? Find out the answers to these questions, and ot. . .
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Featured Exhibit

Daisy Track (Outdoor Exhibit) & X-37
In operation from 1955 to 1985, the Daisy Decelerator (named after the Daisy Air Rifle) was an air-powered sled-track used to study the effects of acceleration, deceleration, and impact on the human body and various equipment systems. The Daisy Decelerator played a significant role in American history by supporting biological and mechanical research and testing for NASA's Mercury space flights. . .
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Space Science in New Mexico
Space Science in New Mexico. New Mexico, and specifically the Tularosa Basin, has been home to many space pioneers and developments that made space travel possible. This gallery features a fuel injector from one of Robert Goddard's rockets and instruments from the German V-2 rockets tested at White Sands Missile Range. Of special interest are the training coveralls worn . . .
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Living and Working in Space
Living and Working in Space demonstrates how mankind has adapted to the extreme environmental challenges of space travel. See space suits and clothing, a space toilet, a bioinstrumentation pack, and American and Soviet space food. . . .
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The International Space Hall of Fame
The International Space Hall of Fame was established in 1976 to recognize the imagination, efforts, and achievements of those who have endeavored to advance man's knowledge of the universe, and his ability to explore space. See all inductees in the International Space Hall of Fame online at . .
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IMAX Movies

Journey into Amazing Caves
Journey into Amazing Caves tells the story of two accomplished cavers as they explore unu. . .

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure
Accompany a team of paleontologists as they work to solve an 82 million year-old mystery. Stunn. . .


April 12th, 2015
Yuri's Night

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The Governors Commission is the group appointed by the Governor comprised of leaders in the scientific, education and political communities responsible for the oversight of the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo. In keeping with a desire to fulfill their duties as representatives of the public trust, this direct email link has been added to our site. All emails received will be directly forwarded, and distributed to the respective Commissioners. Please note your name and district of residence in your email. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  • Lisa Thomassie - Member, At-Large
  • Jill Gutierrez - Member, District 7
  • Jim Hayhoe - Member, At- Large
  • Dr. William Dettmer - Chairman, District 3
  • Michael Kelley - Vice Chair, District 7
  • Ed Brabson - Member, District VI
  • Jamai Blivin - Member, District II
  • Dr. Donald Elder, III - Member, District IV
  • Jacqueline S. Fryer - Member, District V

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March 6th in Space History

    • 1937: Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, is born.
    • 1986: The Soviet's Vega 6 flies by comet Halley.
    • 2009: A Delta 2 rocket launches from Cape Canaveral with the Kepler Observatory, which will hunt extra–solar Earth–like planets from an Earth–trailing solar orbit.