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Tuesday November 5th, 2019

November 8, 2015 Commission Meeting Agenda

New Mexico Museum of Space History
Governor's Commission Meeting

November 8, 2019
NM Museum of Space History
New Horizons Theatre & Planetarium, Front Classroom
Alamogordo, NM
1:00 PM

The Mission of the New Mexico Museum of Space History Commission is to provide direction, advice, and support to the Director of the Museum in the maintenance and operation of the Museum and all of its activities.

  1. Call To Order
  2. Introductions
  3. Action: Approve agenda for the November 8, 2019 Meeting– Commission
  4. Action: Approve minutes from the the July 26, 2019 Meeting – Commission
  5. DCA Report - Nick Schiavo, Deputy Secretary
  6. Views from the Roundhouse - TBD
  7. NM Attorney General's Office Comments - TBD
  8. City of Alamogordo comments – TBD         
  9. NM State University, Alamogordo, Comments – Dr. Mark Cal, Vice President of Student Affairs.
  10. Holloman AFB (USAF) Comments – TBD
  11. Spaceport America comments – TBD
  12. ISHF Foundation Comments – TBD
  13. Division Director’s Report – Mr. Chris Orwoll
    1. Legislative issues and actions
    2. Budget and Capital Expenditures: Current and Projected
      1. NMMSH FY 2020 expenditures
      2. DCA and NMMSH funding for FY 2021 (If available)
    3. Personnel updates (Hirings, retirements, reclassifications, SPO actions)
    4. Repairs and upgrades planned/funded/in-progress/cancelled
      1. HVAC Installation at MSC.
      2. Restroom ADA Compliance/Upgrade Report
      3. Maintenance Room equipment removal and Generator Installation
      4. Water/Fire System Status
      5. Xeriscaping on campus
      6. Rocket Park repairs
      7. Elevator issues and replacement status
      8. Library and Archives update (scanner & acquisitions)
      9. Vehicle replacements/upgrades
      10. Wall installations on 1, 2, and 3
    5. Exhibits in progress, or planned, and changes to overall building layout
      1. White Sands Mall
      2. New Interactives added, in progress, and planned
      3. 49th Operations Group and 6th Attack Squadron
      4. 2A – Manned Spaceflight & 2B – Sci-Fi and Sci-Fact Exhibit
      5. Mercury Capsule and F-104
    6. Long Range Strategic Plan Progress Report and the Effect of Increased Funding
    7. Partnership report
  14. Museum Mission/Long-Term Planning Commission Report – Commissioner Kelley
  15. Development Committee Report – Commissioner Kelley
  16. Legislative Support Committee Report – Commissioner Brabson
  17. Status of the Commission - Commissioner Kelley
  18. Old Business
  19. New Business*
    1. Delegation of Collections Management to Museum Staff
  20. Public Comments to the Commission – Visitors
  21. Confirm/Establish Dates of Next Meetings – Commission
  22. Closed Session IAW NMSA 1978 Section 10-15-1-H, Limited Personnel Matters – Commission and Director
  23. Adjournment – Commission

*Except for emergency matters, the Commission cannot take action on new business that is not specifically detailed on the posted agenda. New business requiring action will be added to the agenda for the next meeting of the Commission.