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In-House Programs

Spaced Out Classes!

Spaced Out Classes are a great way to add some fun and learning to any group’s visit to the New Mexico Museum of Space History. From kindergarteners to seniors, anyone who’s young at heart will get more than they bargained for from these age group specific mini courses offered on-site. Please be sure to request a class while making your museum reservation!

Air Today, Gone Tomorrow!

(1 hour)

Students learn about the surprising power of air. They build and launch air rockets, use an air cannon and are amazed by Mr. Bernoulli’s famous air magic.

Roll with the Flow!

(1 hour)

The concepts of fluid dynamics take on an entirely new meaning! Blow square bubbles, test the mysterious nature of oobleck, tie-dye milk and experiment in this dynamic fluid adventure.

The Fizz of Fuel!

(1 hour)

Learn how chemical reactions really work. This journey into the exciting world of chemistry will fascinate any future scientist. How do acids and bases work together to create propulsion? How do fuels in rockets work? Join us for an hour of explosive fun.

Newton’s Circus

(1 hour)

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but the only reaction to this class is fun! Students marvel at amazing feats of balance and movement, wonder at the anti-gravity funnel and absorb more of Newton’s laws in an hour than weeks of reading could accomplish.

*The above classes are an additional $2.00 per student charge.

Blast Off!

(2 ½ hours)

Students of all ages love to build and launch their own rockets! But while they’re building, they’re also learning the basics of rocket design, components involved in flight, delay and recovery, and aerodynamics. A short program on the history of rocketry rounds out the class as students wait for their model rocket to dry, then its on to the launch pad!

*This class is $20.00 per student. Prices are subject to change.